Read my Words

Read my words

Read my words, these words are my truth.

I have been writing since the very age of 13 years old.

I fail in love with writing, it’s an art for me.

Pure heaven when I write.😍

I’m writing my truth and my experiences.

It’s a release when I am writing.

I love it so much….

At this time, I am using my hurt too be released and healing along the way and it’s helping me SO much!

I’m feeling GOOD🌹

My love for God is so amazing, that’s apart of my life, as well.

My prayer life is important, very much.

When you read my blogs it will get better…

Soon, I will have video’s on my blog so GET READY😍😍😍

Enjoy my words, just as much as I love to write. Writing makes me HAPPY.



My heart fills heavy and blue

Being in love for the very first time in my life was worthless

I just really believed our love would last, but it slowly ran it’s course.

I’m in pain….heart hurting, but I ease my pain in prayer.

I ask God to heal my broken heart.

Each day, I face a new day in hopes of repairing my heart.

Slowly, I am healing…healing, healing

My heart wounds are repairing. I refuse too be hurt any longer.

I choose to let go from this pain.

I choose to love again….one day

When that day comes, my years of becoming the woman. I must be will be great and I will allow myself to love again. Years from today.💝

Loving Life

I have realized when you learn to forgive and give all your cares to God everything begins to fall in place.

I’m loving myself again from a abusive marriage. I am pleased with Kimberly

I never thought about Divorce, but due too a distressed marriage. I believe this is going to be my end to a new beginning.

Never fall out of desiring love, or being in love.

Love is the key to break thru and complete forgiveness.

Sometimes forgiving a person whom hurt you with a heartless soul isn’t always easy.

I know forgiveness is one of the many pieces of letting go the hurt and pain.

I still think of my spouse even though we are separated, but it’s all bad memories.

The bad had out way the good.

When a man calls his wife a b@tch, also many other disrespectful names I won’t add is awful.

My spouse would always state: I was that bad! I stated, yes.

The only good came out of our marriage was our son and he has shown little to no love for his son.

When you have to forgive all that plus the times when I became upset due to his mistreat. It’s an under statement.

Marriage suppose to be two people in a union of oneness. He was one of hisself and truly didn’t include me.

He cheated on me with no regards to my feelings, he would walk away from me in public and humiliate me, he has yelled disrespectful names too be to me too many times to count.

He has spoke cruel of my family and his own son.

It was turning me into a angry woman. I would be so unhappy, and distressed, frustrated a lot.

I was over weight, I was having pain in my body. I was suffering in silence and he only thought of what was important to him.

I put up with more than what I am writing. Enough is ENOUGH

I will be happy😍

I am speaking my truth, because lies keep people in the same rollercoaster ride.

Body Image

I am changing my entire image

Being a new improve woman

Loving myself enough to change

Living my life for myself and my two children.

Being a self confident woman and embracing my true beauty.

I am seeing myself in a new improve light, I am not the same person I use to be.

I am embracing the new improve me.

Body image is all over the place, low self-esteem will bring you down mentally, emotionally, physically.

Body image is so important, because you have too love yourself for who you are before someone else can truly love you.

Loving me again….🌹


No weapons that form against me shall proper. Anything; which is said will come back void.

Domestic violence kills the soul of a person.

Cripple the spirt with pain and a mask of a smile. Only to be fool with hidden scars.

Domestic violence has no name, it has age, race.. It shallows you up and spit you out.

Domestic violence brings out the worst in the victim. Leaving the victim to lash out in ways that are unthinkable.

Domestic violence has only one cure amd that leaving and never returning.

Domestic violence is a bitter root, hard heart, evil intent.

Theirs no love in the name of violence. Their is no happiness in the victim heart.

Their is no happy ending, because it never ends well.

I thought it would last

I miss you so much, sometimes I can’t breathe without you.

I thought we would last, I just knew you my better half.

I don’t regret the beginning, I just regret the ending.

I pour out my love for you, I gave you my whole heart and almost losing myself while pleasing you and hurting me.

I still love and wonder at times…why didn’t it last.

I cry at times, but smile knowing that it’s over and my heart is still attach to your soul.

I thought we would last until death do us apart.

Now, I would never know your last breathe.

I thought we would last… “Sigh.”

I thought we would last, I just want you to always know that I miss you and will always love you.

Written by: Kimberly Billingslea😍

Mrs. Married Woman

Mrs. Married Woman….

She got married on a beautiful day, the air was filled with love.

Mrs. Married Woman was happy, she finally thought life would be complete until life knocked at her door.

Mrs. Married Woman never thought she would cry herself to sleep, or have sleepless nights; lonely in the bedroom room filled with gloom.

Mr. Married was selfish not caring about Mrs. Married feelings. Life begins to start making sense.

Mrs. Married realized her other half, wasn’t just her half.

Mr. Married shared his body with many occasional easy lovers.

Mr. Married never wanted to appreciate what he had.

Drama filled their marriage with so much poison, lust for the opposite sex filled Mr. Married pants.

Lust and love doesn’t go hand and hand as well as abuse.

Mrs. Married remain faithful and endure the long years of misery.

Mrs. Married begin to lose apart of herself in the marriage, and looked in the mirror;but didn’t recognize the woman she became.

The marriage begins too take a toll on Mrs. Married. Life started to weigh her down. Misery become apart of her life with toxic and gloom.

Mrs. Married life spend out of control, she lost half of what she gave Mr. Married…

It was finally time to say a goodbye, but with RAGE!

All of her pain, all of the cheating, lying, abuse, mind games, broken hearted…the list goes on.

The rage made her deeply sad, by losing what she thought was hers… She came to find out he couldn’t love or remain faithful to just her.

Mr. Married only cared of his feelings and others, placed others before her with intentions of never caring, his cold heart became her final Destiny.

The two was once one, or now split for GOOD😍

Love is pure