My πŸ‘‘ King

I share my love with you always

I bow down to you with my Β head looking up from your big black….shhhh

I kiss your sweet lips

Making love to you for hours without no interruptions.

Do you worship me with your love

I’m so in love with your gentle words, and compassion.

I’m so in love with your manhood.

I am your Queen and nothing can change how you treat me.

I never been treated with such love, you make me feel like the world stops for the moment with you.

I appreciate your ways and the way you make me feel inside and out.

Don’t stop….please don’t stop.

I ask you? ” Do you love me until one loving you, until death do us apart.”

I want to be in your arms everyday.

Thank you from stoping my pain.

Thank you for being my man and spending the waste of your life with me.

I’m READYπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Written By: Kimberly Billingslea

Inspired by the movie: Black Panther



The world is beautiful with laughter


Beautiful is following your passion

Beautiful is successful in loving life

Beautiful is having GREAT people around you.

Beautiful is being happy

Beautiful is within

Beautiful is trust

Beautiful is God

Beautiful is treating people kind

Beautiful is being honest with self

Beautiful is sharing

Beautiful is a happy relationship

Beautiful is peace

Beautiful is what is beautiful to you.

Stay beautiful, I am beautiful in God.


I am dealing with a major change and shift in my life.

Opportunities in my life, moving forward with my career.

I am happy.

I feel great about all of this, because working with great people.

Doors are opening from all different directions in my life.

I am truly happy and pushing in my life going in a direction where their is no stopping.

I have found that change is one of greatness growths in your life.

Pushing myself in a direction; where their is no stopping it only success.

Being humble and watching my words, being able to say only what’s right.

I am building character, living my life in a positive direction.

Letting go of my past failures, past mistakes.

I am not going backward, but only forward.

Opportunities comes in our lives to only change a person for new beginnings.

Opportunities are blessings

I left the old self behind, pushing forward to a new me.

I look back at mistakes that I made 7 years ago wasn’t the best me.

The old me only brought out the worst in me and I wasn’t able too at that time, that I could get it back.

I’m pushing forward and not looking back at relationships that only was draining me.

I do not need that in my life.

These opportunities are building me into the woman that God has ordain for me in my life.

I am happy to say, I am growing into a beautiful woman of God.

I am seeing things more clearly than before.

Life is beautiful, also better days ahead😍

The Mask Falls Off

Facing the devil right in their face.

The great pretenders, pretend to care when “they,” don’t.

I use the word ” they,” to represent whomever in your life who is untruthful.

When the mask finally falls off, you see people’s truth.

You begin to see a person lies underneath all your pain you have exposed.

Pay close attention to peoples actions, rather than their words, people can lie so much thru lies.

Actions truly show peoples true intentions.

It doesn’t matter how old, young, or how many experiences a person has had.

If you are around people that doesn’t what you to thrive in life.

You will slowly see an person for whom “they,” are….

The mask will finally fall off slowly and the devil within them will be sitting right in front of you.

Be wise once you finally realize the person in front of you.

Never show weakness in front of people, an person who wish harm on your life behind your back.

Remain true to who you are, and keep your thoughts to yourself.

Be wise with your steps and never let a person in so deep.

When you find out their true intentions of who, “they” are just

Move in silence…..


Read my Words

Read my words

Read my words, these words are my truth.

I have been writing since the very age of 13 years old.

I fail in love with writing, it’s an art for me.

Pure heaven when I write.😍

I’m writing my truth and my experiences.

It’s a release when I am writing.

I love it so much….

At this time, I am using my hurt too be released and healing along the way and it’s helping me SO much!

I’m feeling GOOD🌹

My love for God is so amazing, that’s apart of my life, as well.

My prayer life is important, very much.

When you read my blogs it will get better…

Soon, I will have video’s on my blog so GET READY😍😍😍

Enjoy my words, just as much as I love to write. Writing makes me HAPPY.


My heart fills heavy and blue

Being in love for the very first time in my life was worthless

I just really believed our love would last, but it slowly ran it’s course.

I’m in pain….heart hurting, but I ease my pain in prayer.

I ask God to heal my broken heart.

Each day, I face a new day in hopes of repairing my heart.

Slowly, I am healing…healing, healing

My heart wounds are repairing. I refuse too be hurt any longer.

I choose to let go from this pain.

I choose to love again….one day

When that day comes, my years of becoming the woman. I must be will be great and I will allow myself to love again. Years from today.πŸ’

Loving Life

I have realized when you learn to forgive and give all your cares to God everything begins to fall in place.

I’m loving myself again from a abusive marriage. I am pleased with Kimberly

I never thought about Divorce, but due too a distressed marriage. I believe this is going to be my end to a new beginning.

Never fall out of desiring love, or being in love.

Love is the key to break thru and complete forgiveness.

Sometimes forgiving a person whom hurt you with a heartless soul isn’t always easy.

I know forgiveness is one of the many pieces of letting go the hurt and pain.

I still think of my spouse even though we are separated, but it’s all bad memories.

The bad had out way the good.

When a man calls his wife a b@tch, also many other disrespectful names I won’t add is awful.

My spouse would always state: I was that bad! I stated, yes.

The only good came out of our marriage was our son and he has shown little to no love for his son.

When you have to forgive all that plus the times when I became upset due to his mistreat. It’s an under statement.

Marriage suppose to be two people in a union of oneness. He was one of hisself and truly didn’t include me.

He cheated on me with no regards to my feelings, he would walk away from me in public and humiliate me, he has yelled disrespectful names too be to me too many times to count.

He has spoke cruel of my family and his own son.

It was turning me into a angry woman. I would be so unhappy, and distressed, frustrated a lot.

I was over weight, I was having pain in my body. I was suffering in silence and he only thought of what was important to him.

I put up with more than what I am writing. Enough is ENOUGH

I will be happy😍

I am speaking my truth, because lies keep people in the same rollercoaster ride.