What is L-O-V-E

I define love in one word… Pure

The deepest purest love for another human being is rare today.

So, many people are seeking love; but their not giving it.

Loving someone with the deepest compassion and receiving it back is PRICELESS

I grew up seeing what love was too me and I become very shield, protective, guarded because the love I seen, I didn’t receive.

Feeling isolated as a child and lonely

Loving someone else wasn’t easy.

I finally, allow myself too love deeply

with a great deep of not getting want I needed from the next person.

I realize, begging, or wanting love from people is a form of desperation

Getting love from a genuine place from the next person with begging for their love is PRICELESS

I’m happy too say, I found love in God, the creator

I found out serving the creator and asking God for guidance will give you real pure love from your spouse, or whomever you desire to love you from the deepest form of compassion will give you that love

I learn God is love

Loving self first is real love; than allowing another person to love you back

That what love is to me

How about you?


Hurting Soul

My soul is deeply wound, but I am a warrior

I’m hurting in silence and no seem to notice my pain, but self.

I choose to keep winning

I refuse to be locked in a world fill with confusion & chasing a illusion.

I pray to Jehovah in tears begging to cleanse my broken heart.

I’m so confused

So, torn by this endless vicious cycle of gloom.

I’m ready to win souls for God…but I feel so alone

How do I get myself out of this destructive mess

I pray that Jehovah lead me too repentance

I pray for happiness

I pray for peace

I choose not too hurt any longer

Silent Enemies

All awhile smiling in your face not liking you for no reason.

Wishing evil on your life in silence while pretending to be a friend.

Withholding true feelings on how the person really feels, but within not happy for your existence.

Be very careful whom you allow in your space.

Be careful of the company you keep.

Silent Enemies are very hard to detect, because one minute it’s love than it’s hate that’s within plotting against your life….


Life is short….

People forget to smell the roses…

Life is beautiful…

Sitting is meaningless, waiting on meaningless events…

Marriage is beautiful, if only beauty within it💗

Evil is evil, but some continue too live how they want…

Life is sweet, if candy is apart of it…

The world is hopeless with HATE..wasting away energy too be used for LOVE….

Life is beautiful, please see the beauty in life and not the ashes


On My Knees

On my knees with my arms stretched out to thee on Lord

I cried asking God to change my broken heart and my broken ways

I was lost and now that I am found

Now, that I have finally see myself for whom I am

Realizing that changing my ways is the beginning of truth

Knowing that forgiveness is peace

Honesty is the beginning of letting go than holding on

I am going too stay on my knees until the day that I close my 👀 eyes

Feeling free to love my spouse unconditional with all my walls down

Knowing that in life people make mistakes than remake mistakes until the person see their flaws and all

On my knees only to pray for a better tomorrow💖

About Me…

I have been writing at the age of 13 years old; which came from an event in my life that caused me to write.

I fell in love with writing, such beautiful melodies of words compound into sentences.

My life change drastically at the age of 17 years old, because I became pregnant out of wedlock.

I was scared too be a young mom, it wasn’t easy. The road to raising my beautiful daughter and still not understanding life.

I was working, went to college. The hours on my job lead me to drop out of college. I was hurt.

I kept pushing forward….

Life got in the way, but my passion for writing lives within me.

Living in StoneMountain, Georgia at for many years.

I decided too leave the south, push off to the North because I just knew and still know all writing live in NYC

I fell in love with the North, it’s apart of me and will not leave the North for no one.

I became married in NYC later in my few years of living in NYC and we had our son together

My life has it’s up’s and down’s, but throughout my life. I became a better writer

My passion for writing became more intense

I wrote this to connect with the great writer, also professional people in the game.

Connect with me…

I am a writer, author…

I am seeking for all publishers, editor’s, screen writer’s etc…

I live in the North and I have wriiten two books, plus I am seeking to write more.

I am seeking for my work to be known internationally, please email me at Kimberlyveal130@yahoo.com

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.


One of the hardest things in life is to forgive someone.

Love is forgiveness.

Forgiveness is forgetting, but it’s more easier said than done.

Sometimes you may feel you forgive someone, but if your always bringing up someone past thats far from forgiveness.

I came too realized it takes time to forgive.

Give yourself room to breath and heal from what caused you hurt and forgive.

If it’s family, or someone you loved.