Praying for Peace

Praying for CHANGE

Praying to get rid of the mud off my face….the dirt that almost ruin my outcome of ME.

PRAYING for safety 

Praying for love

Praying for unity

Praying for CHANGE from within & the cries of lost souls.

Praying for power to free ones mind of guilt & shame of POVERTY 

Praying for World PEACE….really for those whom desire it.

Praying just to pray….

My thoughts are pure, filled with love & lust for success.

My thoughts are righteous but dislike to sin.

My thoughts are safe free from HATE.

My thoughts are filled with LOVE, UNITY, PEACE….& NEW BEGINNINGS.


Written By: 

Kimberly Veal-Billingslea


If love could TALK?

If love could talk….”What would it say”?

Love would walk amongst the world with royalty of pearls.

Love would ease pain away.

Love would talk away fear, rejection and all that’s negative; destructive behavior’s.

If love would talk…It would always speak truth GENTLY.

If love could talk…if would only speak few words to avoid disputes 

If my love could talk…I would only speak love letter’s to my mate.

If love could talk from my heart, and would always dance the night away.

If my love could talk….only wisdom would speak for me.

If my love could talk from my heart, all humanity would be healed.

Love is pure and right.

Love turns everything into an good situation.


Written By: 
Kimberly Veal-Billingalea


I woke up with blood stains of fear.

Frozen in my skin.

Fear of the unknown.

Awaken of the fear of being loved.

Wanting love, or even the very touch of love.

Awaken in an black darken room.

Lost of love.

Than, I finally realized I could love again.

I could breath again without being afraid to love.


Awaken from my dark journey, traveling back and forth in my mind 

I am up free from my pass of hurt and pain.

Written By: 

Kimberly Veal-Billingslea