What is love…?

I believe love in this time isn’t clear of what love really is…

Love wraps you in your arms, tie you up with kisses.

Love is pure, not unrated….

Love is kind with gifts of affection.

I know what love, because love keeps no record of wrong.

Love is forgiving, righteous, it draws others to love you even more.

Love gives freely without an motive.

Love is LOVE

Nothing can define love….

Love YOURSELF & others no matter what someone may think of you.

Written By:

Kimberly Veal-Billingslea


Pushing Away PAIN!!!!!

I demand you to GO AWAY!!!!

I spoke louding into the air shouting out my pain to be free from myself.

To let go of what’s hurting me and taking me in the presence of pain daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly!

To set myself free from dreadful people with no life inside of their core.

I praise GOD for the present moment of HAPPINESS 

SO, I let go. I push throughout my day.

My life is what I created life to be.

So, I spoke the pain AWAY….

And I heard NOTHING….Pain was finally free from ME!!!

Happiness is the most pleasant feeling.

The sense of happiness brings peace.

My happiness brings joy….I choose happiness, joy over being or feeling miserable.

Written By: 

Kimberly Veal-Billingslea