Put God First 

Put God first is so important, life comes with so many different events in life.

Sometimes people forget God.

Some stop believing, because of doubt.

Some people walk away from God just because it’s not popular.

The world is changing, but God remains the same.

Nothing is greater than God.

Nothing is greater than God.

Nothing will ever stop me from believing or seeking his presence.

Keep faith in God, trust the most high. 

Believe in God….PERIOD!

Lord, I come before you in your presense believing and trusting in you in the mist of the strom or cloudy days. I seek your presense, your pure divine love. I love you, Lord with my heart and soul. I will continue to love people regardless of how people view me; or simply believe in me. I will be holy, and live a life to please you. I devote myself to you, God for the rest of my days.


Written By:

Kimberly Veal-Billingslea


Super Star😘🌹💋🍵

When your daydreaming in class in hopes of a brighter day. 

You are believing in bigger dreams your unable to accomplish, but maybe your just dreaming.

Life comes and reality comes when your an Grown-up!

You really thought you were going to see a black president….wait…well.

You just thought YOU were going to be one. Just maybe the sky was; or is blue.

Life comes and it knocks you down but winners never give up.

You choose to win, you choose too not lose.

Life almost go the best of you. 

Now your dreams really coming into reality not as President, but the founder of you corporation.

Your not dreaming, your living.

Stay focus, don’t look at what’s happening in your life that may seem impossible.

Just keep believing.

Your day is COMING!!!!💋


In life we are all faced with trails in ourlives. 

In hopes to wish everyday will be peaches and cream but it’s not. 

Remember when hardships come your way you still have to push forward believing the impossible.

Stay true too yourself no matter what comes your way.

I have been faced with many trails in my past, so in the moment of those hardships. 

Yes, I was angry. I was sad, frustrated, uncomfortable even in my own skin. 

I kept pushing forward throughout my trail, throughout my hardships. 

Never stop being yourself. Always be true to thyself.

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Written By: 

Kimberly Veal-Billingslea


Forgiveness is one thing; but true for is releasing toxic energy from ones body out into the atmosphere.

Forgiveness isn’t for self, but for you. 

At times it hurts to forgive because you go back in your mind thinking of all the pain the other has done to yourself.

Just forgive anyway. Your bringing peace too own mind, heart, body and soul.

Don’t hold on to grudges it brings pain to your body and soul.

Forgiveness is PEACE, true peace.

Written by: 

Kimberly Veal-Bilingslea

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Greatest Love

One of the GREATEST love stories no one speak of is to love yourself. I don’t understand why do some people look for love. 

I believe you shouldn’t look for love, love should be attracted too you.

Love is the GREATEST love of all. So don’t give it so freely to someone whom has; or will reject your love.

Be kind to self, embrace yourself for what the world could possibly give you.

I hope love comes your way, real love.

Love that deserve the time your soul was absence from.

You attract what you give out from self, if you attract love it will come, if your giving all good, good will come your way.

At times hardship, or an cruel person will come your way. Remember life isn’t an fantasy so just know it’s how you deal with situations that could possibly destroy your soul.

Breath and keep loving so you can give out what you desire.


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I found myself back in love once again.

His soft strong brown arms holding me tight.

Im in love again, the day of our vows. We both said “I’ do.”

Im happy to be his wife, been going strong for sometime. 

I love my husband; his supportive words of encouragement, to uplift my spirit.

This morning, after an along romance of love between our bedroom sheets. I must admit. I fell in love all over again.

Im in love, as my husband kissed me softly on my lips.

Im in love with you all over again.

Love in the key to marriage, I know and understand that marriage has it’s challenging moments but love plays an important role in love.

My love for my husband is completely from my heart. He is my better half. Im complete and theirs no one else I would want to be with.

I love you, Sherman Billingslea