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Happiness is an feeling created by emotions from someone else bringing you happiness.

Happiness is created by happy events.

But, truly happiness should always and forever be from within.

Being happy isn’t an person making you happy.

Happiness should be apart of your life.

Happiness comes from joy, great healthy relationships, happiness comes from celebrating successful moments.

Happiness should define you.

Are you happy? Well…

It should never take long to ponder on those words, because if your thinking of who makes you happy; or an event.

That’s not happiness.

Happiness is being happy from the inside out and not hurting people alone the way.

Happiness is an movement from one person to another.

An person should sense your happiness.

Get happy 😄

Written By: Kimberly Veal-Billingslea


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Abusive Past Relationships

I was strong, but I was truly weak minded. 

I allowed two men in my past to physically, emotionally, economically, spiritually. Truly, I experience the cycle of abuse.

I question my own reason, purpose of “Why I was placed on this earth.” I felt like an victim for years. Even years of emotional eating.

I hated whom I was; and the fear of the unknown.

I felt tuck. I believed the very lies these two men embed in my mind with their insecure, low self-esteem men. I attracted in my past.

Life was filled with their misery in my world. I became their world.

The first relationship didn’t last long, so I felt I was strong when I walked away, but his words, his abuse follow me. Because, I attracted the second abusive relationship.

I started to believe, I was worthy of love; or even deserve love.

I started to swallow myself in guilt and shame but I knew strength was calling me to push forward.

I wrote this article for anyone whom experience just an taste of my experience your not alone.

This is the very reason, I blog and write. I give private advice sessions to who may need the services.

I know time heal all wounds, also wounds that’s hidden.

Love yourself always, and forgive 

Written by: Kimberly Veal-Billingslea

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Die-Functional Relationships 

What don’t kill you makes you stronger, Who comes up with this!

Well, what keeps trying to destroy you can kill you spiritually. 

In an die-functional relationship. You are living in fear of the “What if,” your not operating in a happy state of mind. Your living in a world of misery.

Life is happy when you function in an clear state of mind, but when your mind is clogged with die-functional events, fears, low-self esteem. Your living in an die-functional relationship.

I know what your thinking? What’s the solution…theirs  none. Because if you are in a die-functional relationship. Than how do you escape it without a clear mind of making decisions that will excel your life.

Die-functional relationships kills dreams, visions, hope, happiness, peace of mind, and making healthy decisions for your present and future.

So people are saying let go…I say go forward. You can let go, but still be stuck in that die-functional relationship even without the person in your life.

Going forward is forgiveness, peace of mind, and making healthy long lasting decisions.

So stop letting go; and move forward to greatest.

I can tell you how…ready. By freeing yourself from it all physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually to become balance in your life without the guilt of moving forward.

By: Kimberly Veal

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Relationship Tip: Trust

Trust is the most intimate treasures in an lasting relationship.   Like most people say….without trust you have nothing. Well, most people are correct with the trust; but everything else. I do not agree with.

I believe without respect; love; friendship; honesty; and having God in your marriage…Trust means nothing.

I understand how trust can destroy an relationship, but it can also mend and relationship with God being the center of you relationship.

People are going to always have their opinion about someone else love, when in most cases theirs hell in their life; or relationship.

In an relationship, you must value each other. Trust your partner even when the trust has failed at one point in the relationship.

One point in my life, I never understood how to be an wife, how to value my husband. I didn’t even know how to love my spouse.

I realized that, in an marriage. It’s not always about pointing the finger at your spouse mistakes, but looking in the mirror to fix the person facing you; which is self.

Most people want an relationship, but don’t have love for others; most people want someone to trust them; but have deep trust issue’s prior to an relationship.

The key to it all is learn to trust yourself to love deeply on a level of giving your all in knowing you may get hurt, because love is TRUST.

Written by: Kimberly Billingslea

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