Is Self Healing of the Past?

Is self healing of the past? Woeing our way through massive amount’s of food, hours of reality t.v, gossiping of others to ease our mind from our own past pain, or swallowing our self in deep dark depressions while masking a smile at the world. Why do some hide behind past pain, or current reality of issues to pretend like life is just fine. 

Self healing is of the past? Do you agree.

So, right now your questioning the title because some believe you can’t heal on your own.

Well, that’s not true because self healing is making sure you have laughter on the inside, peace from within, joy without cease. That’s self healing facing your demons right before you without pretending your just fine. When only your dying inside.

Self healing through forgiveness and love.

Self healing isn’t masking your face with a smile, when only your frowning inside, crying inside. Beating yourself up over every mistake, every failure, every bad relationship.

Self healing is truly letting go.

Letting go past pain, or current fail relationships.

Self healing is just that. Allowing self to heal naturally without regret.

I have been in a abusive relationship twice in my life.

I was slowly dying inside, at one point. I almost lost myself, almost drown in the abuser misery.

I felt empty, lost, confused, out of touch with reality.

Some people thought, I was weird, crazy, unhappy, overweight, and a angry person.

Truth is, I didn’t know that I started to self-destroy myself little by little.

I started self healing by looking in the mirror and finally I faced my own demons. 

I told my old self that I was going to change and I didn’t like the person I seen looking back at me.

Then the healing started, I started to forgive another and finally myself for allowing it.

Self healing is learning to truly love you all over again.


By: Kimberly Billingslea

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Relationship Tip: Toxic

Relationships should give you the best out of.

If the relationship isn’t healthy, express the feelings; which are of truth

Than let go, by expressing to the other person that your letting it go, because….

It can be an friendship, family, business partner or whom ever it maybe.

Free yourself from toxic wasteful Relationships.

Love Thy Self….and heal!😘

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Love Thy Self

Love Thy Self sounds easy, but the very truth is it’s not. It’s learning self all over again. The beginning of what pure love is. Thy shall free, thy self from insecurities from the mind of free believing in oneself to know you are valued.

I know and understand, love. Pure rightouse love.

Loving the essence of mistakes to fail and try again.

Self, to know self to breath from past hurt relationships.

Love Thy Self

By: Kimberly Veal-Billingslea

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In the picture it shows me fighting for my destiny! No matter how much pain comes with it. Because what I know the sun have to shine🌹🍷💋

I Need Y-o-u

I need you, was the word that I whisper in your ear.

I need you, morning noon and night?

I questioned the thoughts of your words, and the actions of your touch.

I need you, I once did…. I’m breathing without you.

No words and define my love that I had for you.

I need you, was the words I spoken too you years ago…but now their just mere memories.

I loved you more than words could only express, but now I am finally loving myself.

I found love in me, for the very first time in my life. I love me.

I love me, so when I stated “I need you,” I truly needed you, but no “avail.”

I appreciate you showing me what love is, what’s the opposite of true love.

I have learn to tell myself that I need SELF more than anything.

Again, I just to tell you that. “I Thank You.”

I need ME…..




By: Kimberly Billingslea

Original Poems: I have written by myself throughout my blog!

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You HAD me…. — lovethyselfkimberlybillingslea

You HAD me…. — lovethyselfkimberlybillingslea

You had me wrapped around your arms, softly kissing your brown soft lips. Loving you from head to toe, and in and out. Connecting souls as we danced the night away in-between the sheets. My love for you grew incredibly strong as the aroma of romance filled our home. The touch of your hard body […]

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You HAD me….

You had me wrapped around your arms, softly kissing your brown soft lips.

Loving you from head to toe, and in and out.

Connecting souls as we danced the night away inbetween the sheets.

My love for you grew incredibly strong as the aroma of romance filled our home.

The touch of your hard body next to mines made me fall more in love.

I kissed you in the morning wishing we both never had to say goodbye, but the morning came. And responsibilities remain.

I kissed you goodbye, but not forever😘

I waited for you to arrive home from work, it was round two inbetween these sheets. Passion filled the room with an mixture of our aromas.

I laid in bed to open my eyes with lips close to mines softly in my ear whispering. “I love you.”

Than, I wake up with loud noise coming from the bathroom,   frustration that filled in your heart, with anguish in your voice.

I heard your voice, no love, no passion, no vision in the future.

I opened my eyes and realized it was your voice in my head with our lost memorizes detached from reality.

The last memorizes you left me with….You HAD me…

By: Kimberly Veal-Billingslea

“Let Love Live”


That define the beauty what this world define beauty.

Ugly, pure ugly. Only appearance on the outside. Screw what you are inside. That doesn’t even matter. As long as you have the western standard of beauty. 

Im beautiful, in my eyes. I define beauty of my own standards. Not caring what the world may think, I think?

I really believe, I am beautiful. Right? 

I question my beauty in the mirror only to be rejected by selected groups of non hateful people.

I am beautiful, right? Right?

I ponder on that question when I realized beauty has define me, by the world standards.

The media truly has had an effect on women. 

Questioning our own beauty by world standards. 

Ugly defines the cruel cold world we live in. Ugly defines racist remarks on what define beauty.

Ugly define, the ugliness of HATE.