Once upon A time of lies

Once upon a time, long time ago in a land so far away….The fairy tail lies of bull shi%. Lies we all have, or some have believed that was once truth to their innocence’s.

I once believed in love, until I was hurt. The very hurt that your parents protect you from. The very lies those books of tails have made many of us once believe.

I believe in love, but not the fairy tales. Only tales of truth of what my creator has revealed throughout the word of God. 

I believe in the word  love, the actions of love. I told myself that I would love me until death do me apart into a world no one else can get into; which is my mind. 

The beautiful world we all live in, fill with lies and truth and it surrounds it’s self with love and hate.

I hope love finds you, love fills your heart with truth, truth from God and truth from self of love.

Let love, live.💛



The world if filled with lonely people in a world of a few lost souls confusion takes over their minds without connection with their peers.

Trap in their loneliness, trapped in isolation of dreams without hope. Believing in peace without UNITY.

LONELINESS has played a game with these Iphones, trapped behind the internet.

What is world truly coming to? What happen to building soild relationship and having true friendships. 

Loneliness is this generation; which has capture the older generation into a world filled with lust, greed, hatred and to top it off with loneliness.

I declare happiness, find happiness in the darkest space, in the darkest place. Find an peace of mind with love filling your heart, mind and soul. 

Love and hate can’t seat in a room together, because love over power hate.

Self Love



Self love is the beginning of love because it create a love with other people are the one you will spend your lifetime on this earth with. I learned love from how I allow others to treat me. Than, I to felt I knew love, but true love comes from heaven above. God defines love and he created love, the purest form of love and yes this world is cruel with evil and hatred. Hope true love finds you where you need to be.💋


The day me and husband said our vows and walk slowly down the aisle ready for a new beginning. The day we both said  “I, do” wasn’t what we both believe our world would change. Our new beginnings grew cold day two, I started to question our marriage and our furture as husband and wife. All my dreams of having a husband in a short period of knowing this man I called husband. 

I felt lost because this was all a lie, his lies grew in my thoughts from the woman that lied on him, lied on him knowly, knowly his unruly behavior of relationship he had before I counted the day, I said “I,do” to Mr. Husband. The lied almost cause a fragile beginning all the half heart truth he told, all his dark dirty secrets of his pleasure of foolish twisted games. 

My hard grew cold in a three months period of time until a baby arrive at the door step of my womb, it didn’t make our marriage any better or even perfect it cause a separation of events a books reader wouldn’t believe. My mind grew scared of being a parent along with two children, one out of wedlock and one out of marriageeee…..

Tears fell down my face without a chance to say goodbye, my hurt was painfully bruise.Love didn’t live here anymore.

Now, times has heal broken damage wounds, but still broken with strength to keep fighting. Back to squared one Marriageeeee. Hope it last.

Let Go Love that HATES😓

Let go those whom hurt you, those whom claim their love for you and you see its a fraud. Move forward and around peace of heart, happiness in heart. 

I come to realize that most people who could be an husband, lover, friend or whatever that person is to you, if its constancy of hatefulness with abusive behavior LET IT GO.

I understand letting go isn’t easy, but to remain in wants bringing you hell is foolishness. I have experience abuse in my life from the entire cycle of abuse and at one time, I felt it was a norm. 

When I started loving myself with all my heart I had to choose to move on with my life, I became aware of the damage that it cause and had to start recycling out everything that wasn’t good for myself or my two kids.

Abusive behavior can come in many forms, from work, family, or even friends.So, learn to love yourself and let it go. 

Let go that HATES, let go what brings you hate and let go want could possibly damage you. If anyone has been abuse or in an abusive marriage GET OUT because love doesn’t HURT it HEALS.

Kids in ADULT clothes

I have come to an conclusion that age truly isn’t a number by far, REALLY….right? When you have Re-sponiblites, but choose to still act as being a adult is to live on FOODSTAMP, WELFARE, CHILD-Support, also believing its right to continue to receive medical coverage by the government whom you make compliants about on a continuance basis. Get, a respectful position; which requires a paycheck and health insurance. At no means I’m discrediting anyone whom receive these benefits, but their only when you truly need them for a short period of time. “Doing the same thing, and expecting different results make you CRAZY! 
I hope for any person whom have to receive benefits understand it’s not a privilege its for a crisis. Onlyyyyy lets be clear.

I would never underestimate a person making sure it’s for their children until matters get better, but this is clearly for those whom believe their using the system, or their convince their long-term choices make sense. 

Make choices to have a better tomorrow. Yes, some people just have a one view of life and believe in being on a system that have power over your life is clearly insane. My ways, my views🍵


I hated my hair, well that’s what “they,” meaning the world to believe. I hate my hair, nappy hard to comb, nappy hairrrrr! I took this hair that didn’t belong in my head and placed it on top of my HAIR, to be PRETTY because my hair is and always will be nappy and ugly! Some days I wanted to snatch my weave off and reveal my HAIR, nappy HAIR GIRL. Than, I did it. Bravely took out the hair and proud to say. I love my soft, nappy hair. Be proud of who you are and the hair that grows from your crown. All hair MATTERS!